Friday, August 5, 2016

Post NSPSS interview with Airline Pilots regarding Aviation Crew Training Requirements.

Post NSPSS interview with Airline Pilots regarding Aviation Crew Training Requirements.
       Upon leaving the NSPSS, as luck would have it, Two United Airline pilots (one my age and a younger pilot) accompanied me on the airport shuttle. As they were reviewing their updated weather reports and radar screens, I interrupted them to inquire exactly what requirements we imposed on pilots for crew and simulation training. Since we spent the last 24 hours discussing the comparison of aviation and patient safety I felt I needed to inquire. They stated that within their organization all training is uniform. The FAA has specific requirements regarding training modules but otherwise training may differ amongst airlines. They are required to attend simulation with a co-pilot from their organization every 9 months. Once a year they join up with the entire airline team for an afternoon to go thru emergency procedures - the entire flight and ground crew.
          When asked their opinion about mandated training it was clear that it was not viewed as burdensome. When I had an incredulous look, he reminded me about the flight that ran out of fuel when the crew was totally fixated on the landing gear light that would not turn off.  He said that it is now viewed as a partnership between the pilots, the FAA and the airlines so they are not reluctant to disclose and discuss near misses and mistakes as compared to the past punitive process. They said they would definitely do the training annually voluntarily because it is a valuable educational experience.

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  1. Fu interview with United Airlines Pilots regarding Pilot and Crew Training-
    Once again I was able to chat with two United Pilots today regarding their annual training. My questions were- do you train with the entire crew (ground crew, attendants, etc) and is the training amongst all their airlines's Pilots consistent and is the training across airlines consistent?
    1. "No we never train with the flight attendants
    2. "We pair up with another pilot for simulation every 9 months" "we may never have worked with the pilot we ar training with
    3. "Training between different airline is not the same. We have different protocols from other airlines for handling different circumstances."
    The goal of our training is to focus on errors, not to eliminate errors, but to manage them when they occur. You cannot eliminate all errors.
    "I would suggest you all get flight surgeons involved in this discussion. They can tell you how flight crews and goals and management differ between medicine and aviation.