Tuesday, March 29, 2016

"Calm Is Contagious" Lessons from Rorke Denver

"Just lead, your behavior will be mimicked & amplified"
"Calm is contagious. If you keep your head, you keep your head,"
In 14 years of training, I've never seen "calm is contagious" proven wrong. Calm is being focused on the job at hand when you need to do it at its most intense moment...
relating to staying calm when leading others on the battlefield, a lesson he learned during his last days in SEAL training.
Rorke Denver former head of basic and advanced SEAL training and author of DAMN FEW: MAKING THE MODERN DAY SEAL WARRIOR

After reading Rorke's book I talked with him about this statement he has made at many a motivational conference. Sounds pretty easy enough to me! Unfortunately in my few years progressing thru medical school, residency, fellowship, and surgery practice, I have not seen this in action. Typically the crises I have wandered into do not resemble this calm confident scenario. I have seen or been told this mantra from one Special Forces Instructor or another. We simply don't have the luxury to weed out the folks in medicine who do not have this natural ability and we have to find a way to teach what seems to be automatic or learned by example in so few in a very short period of time.

Kenneth A. Lipshy, MD, FACS

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