Friday, October 21, 2016

Ronald Maier MD "Don't be mean!"

Nice Guys Finish First, NOT last!
            In the past the old adage "nice guys finished last" seemed to hold true. At the American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress 2016, during the panel discussion titled "Principles of leadership for the young surgeon", Ronald V Mair, MD (Seattle Washington) discussed "Leadership in the ACS. how to get involved and how to maintain that involvement over the years". One key leadership pointer he provided us was that "YOU CANNOT BE MEAN! " "You treat people fairly. You are honest. You speak the truth. You are not a thug or a bully."
           For those who are in doubt, an opinion in the Wall Street Journal Oct 20th 2016 titled "Nice people really do have more fun" noted that people who are noted to have nice personalities outperformed jerks 85% of the time (2003 Univ SC study quoted). Just another perception we need to adjust from time to time.

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