Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fu interview with United Airlines Pilots regarding Pilot and Crew Training

Once again I was able to chat with two United Pilots today regarding their annual training. My questions were- do you train with the entire crew (ground crew, attendants, etc) and is the training amongst all their airlines's Pilots consistent and is the training across airlines consistent?
1. "No we never train with the flight attendants
2. "We pair up with another pilot for simulation every 9 months" "we may never have worked with the pilot we ar training with
3. "Training between different airline is not the same. We have different protocols from other airlines for handling different circumstances."
The goal of our training is to focus on errors, not to eliminate errors, but to manage them when they occur. You cannot eliminate all errors. 
"I would suggest you all get flight surgeons involved in this discussion. They can tell you how flight crews and goals and management differ between medicine and aviation.

Kenneth A Lipshy, MD, FACS

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